Our business philosophy is distinctly different to the industry norm and is based on the following pivotal principles:

Uniquely Personalised

We are small enough to care. When dealing with LVB CLEANING, clients get the unusual benefit of dealing directly with the owners which we believe is integral to customer satisfaction. And we take personal pride in providing a type of service which we wished we had experienced when we were clients of large cleaning contractors.

Unquestionable Integrity

We do business the right way. In an industry that is often dogged by dubious labour practices, unreliable service providers and unsatisfactory levels of client care, LVB CLEANING prides itself upon being different. Our work force is properly vetted, trained and remunerated, and we take personal pride in providing a service which we consider refreshingly professional and efficient.

Uncompromising Excellence

Cleaning means different things to different people. We take time to discuss with clients their exact cleaning needs, and we provide a tailored service consisting of tried-and-tested working methods and effective procurement processes that aims at providing the right cleaning solutions for each client at an appropriate cost point.

Once cleaning solutions have been established, we actively manage these through ongoing onsite inspections and audits and we continue to communicate with clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that our services remain relevant and properly managed.

We take pride in our long-term relationships

We intuitively understand that business is all about relationships. We take great pride in our long-term business relationships with clients, many of which have been with us since we took our first steps. We also get great personal satisfaction from our long-term relationship with our staff which we consider to be an integral part of our family. Our staff retention rates are significantly higher than industry standards.